This treatment is vastly different from traditional math-oriented wavelet books in that we use examples, figures, and computer demonstrations to show how to understand and work with wavelets. This is a comprehensive, in-depth. up-to-date treatment of wavelets in digital signal processing, but from an intuitive, conceptual point of view.

We do look at a few key equations from the traditional literature but only AFTER the concepts are demonstrated and understood. If desired, further study from scholarly wavelet texts, conventional wavelet books, and wavelet papers is then made much easier and more palatable when you already understand the fundamental equations and how they relate to the real world.


Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT) are in wide use and work very well if your signal stays at a constant frequency (“Stationary”). But if the signal could vary, have pulses, “blips” or any other kind of interesting behavior then you need wavelets. Wavelets are powerful tools that can stretch and move like an amoeba to find the hidden “events” and then simultaneously give you their location, frequency, and shape. Wavelet Transforms allow this and many other capabilities not possible with conventional methods like the FFT.

Wavelets are in wide use today in diverse fields such as Signal Processing, Image Processing, Medicine, Finance, Geology, Music, and many others.

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