This method of understanding Wavelets from concepts rather than equations is fairly new.

  • The article "Wavelets: Beyond Comparison" by Mr. Fugal was featured in the May 2009 SatMagazine "Tech Feature" section. Click here to download the Article (pdf).
  • This article also appears as an essay on the Advanced Technology Institute website at www.aticourses.com/ati_tutorials.htm.
  • Another article, "Wavelets and their application to Electronic Warfare", is ready for submission and publication in the Journal of Electronic Defense.
  • Mr. Fugal has also published numerous proprietary reports on DSP subjects, including wavelets, in conjunction with his consulting contracts.

Please check back for more information as further articles are accepted for publication.


The above articles, along with the wavelets book and wavelet tutorials, demonstrate the wavelet basics and form a clear, easy-to-understand wavelet introduction and show how to correctly use the various wavelet transforms. Providing both a simple introduction to wavelets and wavelet transforms and a method of comprehending them on a gut level, this method of understanding Wavelets and Wavelet Transforms from concepts rather than equations shows how they relate to the real world and thus empower the student in simple yet practical wavelet usage.
- using wavelet transform
- wavelet basics
- simple wavelet introduction
- an introduction to wavelets
- understanding wavelets

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