In addition to 20 years of relevant experience in Digital Signal Processing and Space-Based operations, D. Lee Fugal has been a full-time consultant since 1991. He is the founder and was Chair of the IEEE Utah Consultants Network for 9 years.

He was a co-founder and the first Chairman of the Board of Advanced Systems Technologies, Inc., a 25-person software company that was later purchased by Nichols Research. He is currently President of Space & Signals Technologies, LLC, a consulting and contracting firm.

Recent consulting projects include Excision of Chirp Jammer Signals using Wavelets, design of Space-Based Geolocation Systems (GPS & Non-GPS), and Advanced Pulse Detection using Wavelet Technology. Other large projects have included Adaptation of Satellite DSP techniques to Biomedical Image Processing and SImulation of Harmonics and Intermodulation Distortion.

Although his primary specialty is in Digital Signal Processing using Wavelets, he is also expert in conventional DSP methods. This allows him to objectively look at your particular problem and help you devise the best, fastest, and most cost-effective solution--Wavelet based or not.

The level and length of effort is custom-tailored to your needs.
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D. Lee Fugal
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San Diego, CA 91977

877-845-6459 (Toll-Free)

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